April 3, 2020
5 genius ways to wear your coffret

Whether it's all about elegance, a sophisticated business look or it's simply about practicality. All the different ways to wear your coffret that allow you to create the right look! The coffret truly has it all…


All mcxmc coffrets come standard with a matching chain in gold or silver. This chain allows the coffret to be worn in five different and distinctive ways. For every occasion the perfect fit...


The purest and simplest way is wearingyour mcxmc coffret as a charming clutch. Like this your mcxmc coffret is a polishedluxury item that can accompany you at any special occasion to complete your glamorousevening attire.



Is the occasion more formal or business-like? Wear your mcxmc coffret with the chain that comes standard with each mcxmc coffret.

Having the chain attached, you can turn your mcxmc coffret into an elegant shoulder bag. Worn long and off the shoulder, your mcxmc coffret will undoubtedly create a sophisticated look that will make your chic allure stand out.


If the occasion is that of a more casual one, or if you find yourself in a hands-on situation, you can effortlessly turn your mcxmc coffret from a clutch or a shoulder bag into a practical crossbody that can be comfortably worn whilst keeping your hands free. This way a fashionable and confident look is created, perfectly suited to a cosmopolitan lifestyle for someone always on the go.


An alternative way to attach the chain to your mcxmc coffret is to double the chain, connecting both ends with the mcxmc signature key ring that comes along with every mcxmc coffret. This allows your mcxmc coffret to be carried short and comfortably over one shoulder. Worn in this original fashion your mcxmc coffret will complement any outfit to create a casual chic & dynamic look.   

Furthermore, the attached key ring offers extra functionality: you can use it to hang a decorative charm, your keys, phone or a coin purse. Another perfect way to further personalize your mcxmc coffret!


Our favorite way to wear the mcxmc coffret is what we call ‘the mcxmcway’: a double chain with the signature key ring attached, wearing one chaincrossbody!

Worn this way your mcxmc coffret alludes elegance and a touch of simplistic glamour to a modern and contemporary look.

Multiple ways to use & enjoy your coffret!
A mcxmc coffret is not only an elegant & practical item to store your essentials on the go, it also serves purpose as a decorative & functional design object.
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