dynamic and compelling
Thoughtfully created,
assembled by hand

A great love and immense passion for designer fabrics & spectacular prints inspired the founders of mcxmc to design & create a contemporary product fashioned from heritage fabrics.

Richly decorated silk kimonos or obis, a scarf from Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana or tweed from Chanel all offer an endless source of inspiration.

The challenge is to give the delicate fabrics a sense of structure with a dynamic body and character allowing the extraordinary prints to convey their own narrative.

That is how the mcxmc coffret was born.

Les Blanches
Les Rouges
Pretty in Pink
Fleurs à la Mode
A walk in the park
Golden Frogs
What makes a mcxmc?
Every mcxmc coffret is an exclusive one of a kind & unique item. No two coffrets in the world are the same.
A true collector’s item!


Each mcxmc coffret is an authentic handcrafted piece of art made to meet the highest standards of quality.

A mcxmc coffret represents a blend between modern creativity, high standard craftsmanship and elegant design
often embedded with an element of wit.

All mcxmc coffrets are created from highly searched after vintage & designer fabrics that are carefully acquired
from all over the world.

All mcxmc coffrets are designed, handcrafted and assembled in our studio in the Netherlands.

Every mcxmc coffret is an individually registered item and can be traced back to a.o. the year it was issued,

the collection it is part of and if desired, to its owner.

Through a QR code every single mcxmc coffret is (and stays) registered in our Gallery.