You can now create your
own bespoke & personalised mcxmc coffret!


Perhaps it is a scarf inherited from your grandmother, the dress that you wore on that unforgettable prom night or a piece of your wedding dress. Maybe it is a long and forgotten tweed ensemble that belonged to a beloved family member or even silk draperies from a house that you have fond memories of. Anything sentimental or just beautiful can serve as inspiration to have your own personal coffret created.

The fabric should be from a vintage wardrobe or even interior design piece. It is important for the fabric to be in good condition and that it has the right characteristics to be used as a cover for your bespoke mcxmc coffret.

Our team will work closely with you to determine how the fabric and its design & print can best be interpreted to create your own personal coffret. After the proposed design gets final approval(*), making sure we can both fulfill your wishes and at the same time respect the mcxmc brand’s identity, we will realize your dream coffret!

For the interior and the outside flanks you can choose from 90 different colors of 100% satin silk. You can also select the colour (silver or gold tone) for the chain & signature key ring that come standard with your mcxmc coffret.

Additionally, we can provide your bespoke mcxmc coffret with a small metal emblem engraved with your name, a date or other personal words. The small metal plate can be sewn into the interior or onto the exterior of your coffret.

The coffret will receive its own unique QR-code and will be
registered in our Gallery.
Your bespoke coffret will be ready & sent to you within 5 weeks after we receive your purchase confirmation.

For any inquiries, please contact us at sales@mcxmc.com


The mcxmc team has the final approval on the proposed fabric as some fabrics or materials might not be suitable to create a coffret of.

All the bespoke coffrets are non exchangeable and non refundable.