April 6, 2020
Multiple ways to use & enjoy your coffret!

A mcxmc coffret is not only an elegant & practical item to store your essentials on the go, it also serves purpose as a decorative & functional design object.

As simple as your mcxmc coffret looks,

as multiple are its purposes ...


That your mcxmc coffret can not only be worn as a functional fashion item to store your essentials on the go or to serve as an stylish design item to complement your outfit.

Some of our valued customers consider the mcxmc coffret as a design object that offers elegant decoration to a stylish setting.

That the mcxmc coffret can serve as a jewelry box to hold all your most prized treasures. The iconic interior of genuine silk provides an ideal place to safely store your precious gems.

Other fans of the mcxmc coffret see purpose for it in a business environment. They use the mcxmc coffret to brighten up their desk with. To hold pens & pencils, business cards or simply refreshing mints...

The real mcxmc lovers see the coffret as an exclusive collector's item. They do not wear it, but display it as a piece of art.

5 genius ways to wear your coffret
Whether it's all about elegance, a sophisticated business look or it's simply about practicality. All the different ways to wear your coffret that allow you to create the right look! The coffret truly has it all…
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